Ten years in the cubicle – a reflection. Part 2

This is a continuation of my post on reflections of my experiences and finances after a decade in the workplace. In the previous post I looked back at my first “proper” office job, the realities, how my lifestyle inflated and the impact of the great recession of 2008. Here I conclude the article and describe how I saw the light, things changed, what I have learnt and the approach for the future. Continue reading

Ten years in the cubicle – a reflection. Part 1

grey office buildingTime flies! It is now ten years since I landed my first “proper” job. I call this a proper job because this is how society views things; I worked mostly in a city centre office building and the hours were 08:30 to 4:45, so roughly a 9 to 5. As many are busy splashing out on Black Friday deals, I reflect on my experiences of office work and how this has shaped my finances and aspirations. Continue reading

UK base rate raised to 0.5% – impact of interest rates on investments

uk-interest-rate-personal-financeAn interest rate hike has been talked about in the UK media for quite a long time now. Today interest rates have gone up from 0.25% to 0.5%. Now that, on 2nd November 2017, interest rates have finally been raised after a period of 10 years, what does this mean for investors, particularly those eyeing financial independence. Further interest rate rises are expected, gradually, at the same 0.25% or 25 basis points step. Should we all panic, stay the course by maintaining our current strategies or tweak our future plans. Continue reading