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How to buy and run a car – the frugal way

buying used car bmw E30Saving money on buying and running a car can be a very important step to ensure financial freedom and bolstering your net worth. In the UK it has been on the news recently that car finance deals have soared to record levels. Motorists have spent £3.6 Billion on car finance deals in March 2017 alone! That is a 13% increase when compared to March 2016. This is not surprising considering Continue reading

Top tips for cutting expenses and saving more

money saving tipsIt is essential to control spending if you intend to save more and accumulate wealth. Lifestyle inflation is the enemy of a good savings plan and detrimental to any plans for attaining Financial Independence. A simple definition of lifestyle inflation is when a person expands their expenses to match increases in income. I will use myself as an example of how lifestyle inflation was one of my biggest financial mistakes. Continue reading