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Automation and the rise of the machines – are you ready

automation-investingToday we can see rapid developments in automation coming seemingly from every direction. From self driving cars, package delivery by drones, self service supermarket checkouts to robo-advisors in the financial industry. To take advantage of this and make massive cost savings, companies will strive to utilise the new technology, sometimes sadly at the cost of human job roles. Continue reading

The power and benefits of FU money

FU money

Among the many stages towards financial independence, one of the most important is accumulating enough F-you (FU) money. FU money is when you have accumulated enough savings to enable you to temporarily leave your job without worrying about where the money your next bills will come from. Theoretically, you will be able to sustain your current lifestyle for a certain period of time which you are comfortable with; for example for six months, up to a couple of years or even several years. Here are some of the benefits which workers can obtain due to the power of FU money. Continue reading

TV Show Review: How to retire at 40 on Channel 4

On the mainstream media, it is quite rare to find anything related to gaining Financial Independence (FI) or early retirement. This is why I was very excited when I found out that Channel 4 (UK) would be showing a show called How to retire at 40. I assumed that the programme, presented by Anne Richardson, Rhik Samadder and Sophie Morgan would give a few of the secrets already well known and discussed in the FI community. However, I was really disappointed with the show and Continue reading