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Ten years in the cubicle – a reflection. Part 2

This is a continuation of my post on reflections of my experiences and finances after a decade in the workplace. In the previous post I looked back at my first “proper” office job, the realities, how my lifestyle inflated and the impact of the great recession of 2008. Here I conclude the article and describe how I saw the light, things changed, what I have learnt and the approach for the future. Continue reading

Ten years in the cubicle – a reflection. Part 1

grey office buildingTime flies! It is now ten years since I landed my first “proper” job. I call this a proper job because this is how society views things; I worked mostly in a city centre office building and the hours were 08:30 to 4:45, so roughly a 9 to 5. As many are busy splashing out on Black Friday deals, I reflect on my experiences of office work and how this has shaped my finances and aspirations. Continue reading

Automation and the rise of the machines – are you ready

automation-investingToday we can see rapid developments in automation coming seemingly from every direction. From self driving cars, package delivery by drones, self service supermarket checkouts to robo-advisors in the financial industry. To take advantage of this and make massive cost savings, companies will strive to utilise the new technology, sometimes sadly at the cost of human job roles. Continue reading