Free yourself by having more options

Have you ever thought about having the freedom to leave the 9 to 5 or choose how and when you work without having to wait for the traditional retirement age. Imagine being able able to go on an extended holiday or spend time doing what You want to do rather than working for The Man.

This site presents tried and tested strategies that can enable you to gain financial independence through hard work, investing intelligently or starting a side business. These strategies have helped me achieve over 14% annualised returns on stock market investments since June 2014.  A step by step strategy for achieving financial independence in the UK is detailed in this post.

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About me

Simba is professional engineer and investing enthusiast in his early thirties who has interests in personal finance, travel hacking and living well.

I recently came across the idea of attaining Financial Independence (FI) when I was inspired by people who have managed to retire early, in their thirties. This did not seem possible to me previously. I would have never considered it until I came across some interesting facts  and mathematics about how to achieve this through saving and investing wisely. Inspired by others, I started to learn more until I realised that Financial Independence can be achieved by an ordinary person on an average income, earlier than expected.

I hope to inspire more people by sharing my knowledge while documenting my journey along the way. By saving enough and harnessing the wonders of compound interest, you will be able to reach a position where you do not need to be tied to an employer. Instead, you will have options to do what you wish with your free time. I am also learning more about doing business online and starting side hustles to enhance financial security.

I will compile and share all the tools I find useful on the resources page and show my progress towards Financial Independence in real-time.